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Posted October 10, 2018

Since the opening of our Beach Lodges in April 2017, we have hosted many birthdays, anniversaries and even wedding parties! Recently, we were honoured to have been chosen as a place for something very special indeed – a marriage proposal!

Tom and Chloe came to visit us over the glorious summer of 2018 as boyfriend and girlfriend and left as an extremely happy engaged couple! What better place to pop the question than on the beach with the sun setting in a glorious orange blaze and on the private terrace of your own stylish Beach Lodge? Here’s what they told us at the end of a joyous, exciting weekend by the sea.


“I loved planning this surprise for Chloe, especially as I knew what an amazing setting Bournemouth Beach would be for a proposal. Chloe is from here and we have many special memories, particularly as her family has a beach hut nearby! The Beach Lodges team were all very accommodating and helpful, ensuring every detail of the surprise was taken care of. The private dining experience with Maciek of Molecular Magic was fantastic. Maciek and I planned the evening together on email but he was truly exceptional and made the evening better than I expected or even imagined possible!”

“We were blessed with the summer heat wave and truly perfect weather. Thank you also to the Beach Lodges Team for the prosecco and Apple Dorset Cake! We had a great time in Bournemouth after the proposal too! We did the Pier Zip Wire together, had Chloe’s wider family round for bubbles and snacks at the lodge and a family dinner at one of the local hotels! It truly was an amazing weekend which I will never forget!”


“Bournemouth Beach, in my opinion, is the best in the UK, made even greater and more beautiful since Beach Lodges were opened. When I come home to Bournemouth I always make appoint of coming to the beach and seeing it in all its glory!

“I’ve now stayed at the amazing Bournemouth Beach Lodges twice and love the attention to detail and how comfortable it is to spend time there.

My last trip was by far the most incredible. I was surprised by my boyfriend Tom with a ‘last minute’ trip to Bournemouth to stay at the Lodges, although of course it had actually been planned in immense detail for months! While we were there we had a mind blowing meal on the terrace , cooked for us by Molecular Magic Catering, in the glorious sunshine, and my lovely Tom proposed. The best moment ever!

What a place to get engaged!! Eating delicious food, drinking good wine and sitting on the terrace watching the waves. To me, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The staff were great at keeping the secret proposal plans from me, and were very excited to pop by the next day to congratulate us!

Bournemouth Beach, along with the Lodges are very special to me – even more so now!

I’m looking forward to returning to this beautiful place, where nothing is too much trouble for the team and every little detail is well thought through to leave you having a relaxing and perfect seaside experience.”

This definitely brought a little tear to our eyes and we can’t wait to see the pictures of Tom and Chloe’s Big Day!

A proposal at Bournemouth Beach Lodges

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