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Posted July 12, 2017

As the long awaited summer finally arrives a new season of beach yoga in Bournemouth begins, now it’s all about the early mornings, stunning sunrises and incredible views across the sublime beaches and out to sea. Bournemouth Beach Lodges are working with Pip Taverner to offer guests a truly unqiue experience and in this blog by Pip you can find out more about the benefits of yoga on the beach.

I have taught yoga on the beach since I moved back to my hometown of Bournemouth after a ten year stint in London, four years ago. I fell in love with the place when I realised how much of a yoga playground I had right on my doorstep.
I have practised Yoga on some of the worlds most gorgeous beaches on my annual winter travels, but I can honestly say Bournemouth beach is one of the best. The endless soft golden sand, wide clean beaches and due to it’s proximity far from the roads means that you can truly find that stillness and quiet to practice yoga and meditation undisturbed. With my weekly classes on the beach and private classes over the years I have been able to see the many benefits to practicing yoga on the sand.

The fresh sea air means the body receives a much needed boost of oxygen, plus the sea air is even better because of the high levels of iodine and ozone in it. When you combine the practice of breathing more deeply and fully with the fresh air at the beach you’ll be literally cleaning out your lungs, bringing more oxygen to your body, and improving your overall energy. Yoga by the sea also stimulates and improves your metabolism, as well as benefitting the serotonin levels in the brain.

With our sand being so soft it’s also very forgiving on the joints. I’ve come across many people who find pain in the knees and wrists which is aggravated by the hard floor in studios. On the sand the joints can be supported, especially knees, making beach yoga an ideal practice for anyone with weak joints, or those who tend to struggle with balancing postures. Your body sinks into the sand, and you get a chance to focus more deeply on your alignment, stretching and creating space in the body. Practicing yoga on an unstable surface, like a sandy beach also strengthens the secondary muscles of feet, hips, knees and shoulder joints. An unstable surface forces the body to do small adjustments in order to maintain the posture. Balancing poses can be more challenging, but also more fun. Headstand and otherwise sometimes scary inversions such as Handstand are fantastic to practice on the beach. The soft landing takes the fear out of going upside down and you can enjoy taking the odd tumble.

If your mostly spending your day in-front of a computer stuck indoors then you probably aren’t getting enough vitamin D, a deficiency which could lead to health problems over time. However, your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight, so another great reason to get on the beach in the sunny mornings for yoga and a safe dose of Vitamin D.

For me personally, the reason why I think yoga on the beach is so fantastic is that we are outside, in-front of the sea, feeling the wind in our hair and the sand beneath our feet. This is enabling us to reconnect to the great outdoors, nature, enabling an energetic reconnection between ourselves and the elements. We lose our ability to feel our deep and natural connection to nature and all that is around us as we are constantly unsettled by electromagnetic waves from computers, smart phones and as we get increasingly lost in our heads worrying and stressing. Starting the day with a deep connection to yourself, your breath and body whilst looking out to sea, forming a connection to nature and the beauty of our coastline, will set you up for a day of positivity and new found energy. Yoga means ‘union’ and there’s no better place to unite body and mind with a conscious breath than where the land, sea and sky meet.

Pip is teaching throughout the summer on the beach for Bournemouth Beach Lodges offering One to One sessions or privately for groups of up to 4 people. Bookings can be made by emailing pipyoga108@gmail.com or visit her at www.tonic-retreats.com.